Monday, September 26, 2011

This Week's Flavors, and deliveries!

Hi folks!

Exciting news! The wonderful Patrick Makiri will now be delivering breads
in San Francisco! Please specify when you order if you'd like your bread
delivered, and include an address and phone number.

Bread day will be on Mondays for the next short while. Please let me know
how this works for you. For Monday, October 3, please choose between:

Sourdough Rye
Tomato Basil

Place your orders by Saturday night (October 1). Pickup is Monday between
5 and 9 pm.

As always, loaves are $8 or 3 for $20.


  1. This sounds cool! Can you tell us more about the ingredients you use? I'd like to know what I'd be buying :-)

  2. Hi Josh!

    The breads are made with some or all of: tapioca starch, organic brown rice flour and organic white rice flour, teff flour and millet flour. Some breads have xanthan gum, some have guar gum, and all except the sourdoughs have yeast. The rest of the ingredients vary by flavor. I'd be more than happy to write up an ingredient list for any of the breads you'd like, but I'll try to start posting ingredients lists with the flavor announcements.

    Thanks for checking!