Monday, September 12, 2011

bread day 3

What a day! I got out 22 loaves (rather, 15 loaves and 15 focaccias)
I'm learning the ways of being out of the kitchen while the oven is
on. I felt so much better at the end of the day, that I even had energy
to bake the next day!

and of course, there were many happy customers.

Happy bread day!


  1. Heya!

    I found out about you and your blog from my roommate Angela Cortez who went to MIT with you for a bit. I happen to be living gluten free in a rural town on the east coast(WV). So hard! Anyway, I was curious where you got your recipes and how you got started as I have never had ANY luck baking my own bread. Everything else comes out delicious, but my bread always flops! Any tips?!

  2. Hey!

    I've been writing my own recipes for my breads, and yes, there were lots of flops. I just kept making changes until, one day, I had bread! The advice I can pass on is this: learn your flours. Learn the feel of the mix, how much water each can hold, how heavy they are. Today I replaced 3/4 c rice flour with 3/4 c millet flour, and I had what looked like a bowl of soup instead of bread dough, since the millet can't hold the water. But once I corrected for the water content, the bread rose higher than any of my rice breads since the flour blend wasn't dense. Also, keep your dough MUCH more wet than you want it. It will look nasty and you'll doubt it the whole way, but an hour later it'll be puffed up and ready to go!

    I have a ton of recipes (although not bread recipes) on my other blog: Let me know if you have any questions along the way, and good luck!