Monday, July 23, 2012

Spotlight on Twin Girls Farm

Hello friends!

This coming week is going to be a bit of a doozy, with deliveries Tuesday, a
sandwich market Wednesday (11:30-2), AND the Mission Community 
Market on Thursday. To keep my sanity, I'll be taking my bicycle up North
for the weekend, enjoying some sunshine, rivers, and pedaling.

But before I do, I'd love to introduce Twin Girls Farm, growers of the sweetest
darn white nectarines I've ever had. 

Twin Girls Farm began with a 6.5 acre plot in Fresno county, and has since
grown to a whopping 518 acres of organic farmland! Growing everything from
jujubes to donut nectarines, Twin Girls attends markets year round.
The farm is named after farmers Ignacio and Casamira's twin daughters.

You can find Twin Girl Farms at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Tuesdays and
Saturdays, the Mission Community Market on Thursday evenings, the Alemany
Farmers Market on Saturdays, and 24 other weekly markets throughout the Bay
Area. Holy stone fruits!

Insider tip: Twin Girls sells 5 pound bags of blemished fruits for $5. Look for a
sign! The fruits are easily cleaned up, and make the most delicious cobblers,
jams and cakes.

Come visit us and Twin Girls this Thursday at the Mission Community Market!
Meet Lucy, our wonderful new marketeer, and pick up your own bag of
nectarines from the farmer himself.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spotlight on Fifth Crow Farm

Hello hello!

It's been a bit of a grey weekend, but a bike ride to the farmers market seemed
to do the trick for me! And I'm excited to announce that this Thursday July 19th,
Bread SRSLY will be at its first market! We've been accepted to the Mission 
Community Market, every Thursday from 4-8pm. Please come say hello! (22nd
x Bartlett)

This week I visited Fifth Crow Farm from nearby Pescadero. Fifth Crow has
about 15 acres, growing beautiful organic flowers, vegetables and strawberries. 
The booth always looks inviting, but the produce tops even the presentation in 
flavor. The gem-like baby heads of lettuce and perfect cabbages are worth every
cent and then some. 

This week we'll be baking red beet and rosemary sourdough, and lemon strawberry 
muffins using Fifth Crow produce. Get yours here!

This is Susie, who worked on the farm last year after 7 years in New York City.
Susie's favorite part about Fifth Crow was working with the chickens. In addition 
to a full harvest of vegetables, strawberries, dried heirloom beans and heirloom 
corn, Fifth Crow has 2 flocks of 300 chickens, and sells its eggs for much of the 
year. (These eggs are wildly popular, so get to the stand early!) 

You can find Fifth Crow Farm at the Castro (W 4-8p), Inner Sunset (Sun 9-1p),
and San Mateo Market (Sat 9-1p), or go to one of their open houses in
Pescadero, a mere 45 miles from San Francisco.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Spotlight on Dogwood Organic Farm

Hello and happy 5-day work week! I'm feeling rested up post-4th, ready 
for a big week of biking.

This week I talked with Ned from Dogwood Organic Farm in Pescadero, 
CA. Ned, former co-owner of Blue House Organic Farm (see post from 
3 weeks back), now runs Dogwood with his wife, Rachel. 

photo ctsy Dogwood Farm

I first met Ned 2 years ago at the Upper Haight Farmers Market, and have 
been looking for him for a while. It was a treat to stumble upon him and his 
produce this week at the Yerba Buena Farmers Market while out on deliveries. 

I got to ask a few questions before making off with Ned's entire harvest of fresh 
sage, and here's what I found out:

"We're actually farming the same land as Blue House, and because of that, I 
really know what grows best in this site. We've really focused on the crops that
do best here: greens, lettuce, herbs, berries, flowers, etc. You can never really 
know too much about a place.

Being with the person I love and creating a life and business together is so fun 
and rewarding. We're very compatible and yet have our own focused areas. I 
mainly appreciate the continual connection around the things we love: food, 
nature, good work, family, humor."

Ned's favorite season (and one of mine) is late summer/early fall, when dry-
farmed early girls come on and the days are warm with no fog. We'll be back to 
Dogwood then to scoop up those sugary tomatoes to dry for winter breads!

You can find Dogwood Organic Farm at the Yerba Buena Market at 4th and
Market from 1-6 on Tuesdays, or in Hayward on Saturdays.