Sunday, September 25, 2011

bread day 5

Bread day 5 went so quickly I forgot to take photos! I'm thrilled that 10
loaves of bread is no longer an intimidating task (other than washing the
pile of dishes!). From left to right we have Salsa bread (a treat. garlic bread
meets dirty rice), Sweet Coconut (wow), and Seeded sourdough (I didn't
know a bread could be so moist!) I'm really getting the hang of the oven
temperatures, and I did some experimenting with the ratio of xanthan
gum to agave. I'm feeling real good about these loaves!

Unfortunately, I will be out of town this coming Friday, so bread day 6 will
be on Monday October 3.

And once again, my work schedule has shifted. Please let me know if Monday
is a good day for pickup from now on! I will be gone for the second half of
October, so take this break from bread to think about it.

Thanks to all!

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