Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New flavors, new frontiers!

Well folks, things'll be changing around here, now that I got this
incredible VItaMix grain mill (from my favorite investor, Jesse)!

I've made a few trial loaves with plenty of whole grains in them,
and they are GOOD. So from now on there will be a (mostly)
whole grain bread on the menu, along with the sourdough and
the sweet breads.

Flavors this week for delivery 1/2 and 1/6 will be:

Whole Grain Leek Bread (leeks from Happy Boy Farms)
organic leeks, organic brown rice, whole grain millet, sweet white rice,
polenta, guar gum, salt, yeast, organic applesauce, olive oil
Molasses Coriander Bread
tapioca starch, organic white rice flour, millet flour, guar gum, salt, yeast,
organic blackstrap molasses, organic coriander
Seeded Sourdough
tapioca starch, organic white rice flour, organic brown rice flour, millet
flour, teff flour, guar gum, salt, organic sprouted sunflower seeds, organic
chia seeds

Please place your orders by Saturday night.

Deliveries will be made during the evening on Monday, January 2nd
in San Francisco and on Friday, January 6th in Oakland and Berkeley.

Please send an email to to order. Include a
delivery address and phone number, along with a time I can deliver!

Happy loafing,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This week's flavors!

Bread days are moving along as quickly as I can bake!

New flavors this week will be:

Sweet Onion-
onions from Happy Boy Farms, tapioca, organic white rice,
organic brown rice, millet, teff, guar gum, salt, yeast

Millet Coriander-
tapioca, organic white rice, organic brown rice, millet, guar
gum, coriander, salt, yeast

Orange Sourdough-
oranges from my friend Harold, tapioca, organic white rice,
organic brown rice, millet, teff, guar gum, salt, starter, cinnamon

Loaves are $8 or 3 for $20.

Please place your orders by Saturday night for San Francisco
and by Wednesday night for the East Bay. To order, please
email sadiesosha at gmail dot com with your phone number,
delivery address, and time you will be there to receive your

Deliveries will be Monday (SF) and Friday (EB) from 4-8 pm.

Until then,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New flavors, and last day to order for East Bay delivery

Hey all!

New flavors for this week are:

Dried Apple Rosemary (apples from my friends at Rainbow Orchards)
Oregano Bread (fresh oregano from the wonderful Happy Boy Farms)
Olive Sourdough (Olives from my guy at Ft. Mason)

Breads will be baked and delivered in San Francisco this Monday
December 12. Please order by Saturday night.

East Bay bread day will be Friday December 16. Please order by
Wednesday night.

To order, please send an email with your address and phone number
and which loaves you'd like to sadiesosha at gmail dot com.

Loaves are $8 each or 3 for $20.

Until bread day, please enjoy this pile:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

I slept for 11 wonderful hours last night and woke up starving!
Time for a double cock-eyed omelette on rosemary sourdough,
kale from Serendipity, and a hot cuppa from Ritual Roasters.

Don't forget to put in your (SF) bread order by tonight!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

East Bay Bread Day!

Hi guys!

It's finally time for an East Bay Bread Day, Friday December 9th!

Flavors will be the same as SF bread day,

Smoked Paprika Bread
Dried Tomato Sourdough, with organic early girls from Happy Boy farm
Cinnamon Raisin, with raisins grown and dried by family friend Zabriel

Please order by Wednesday night, December 7th. Since I don't know the terrain
and I deliver by bike, I may need your assistance with directions, and I may need
to meet you at a train station. But don't worry, I'll learn quickly!

To order, send an email to sadiesosha at gmail dot com. Include your order, address,
nearest BART stop and contact phone number please!

And spread the word!