Friday, September 23, 2011

Bread day 3 and a half: Carmel!

On Thursday September 15th, Kari and Helen and I woke up early and
got cooking. We had to make 50 mini bread loaves by noon, pack the
zipcar with camping gear, and head to Carmel for the Evening with
Food Artisans Market!

There were lots of wonderful vendors present, first and foremost
organizer Jamie Collins from Serendipity Farms!

There were folks from the renowned Big Sur Bakery sampling breads,

And a representative from Earthbound Farms (which started as a nearby
farm stand) serving some salads and a jug of this:

And yours truly, Bread Srsly, serving Curry Bread, Tomato Sourdough,
Orange Cardamom Bread, and a brand new Chocolate Curry Cookie!

All food was very well received, and we ended the market with a flat full
of traded goods from other vendors, including raw herbed chevre, bread
and butter pickles, dried peaches, fresh strawberries, Carmel Valley honey,
ginger hand balm, raw brownies, kale chips and salt-cured manzanilla olives.

We wrapped up the evening with some singing at Jamie's house, and pitched
our tent among the avocado trees. Thanks to Jamie, Out of the Fog Talks, and
the folks in Carmel who came out to taste some breads, and to Jesse, Kari and
Helen for doing all the hard stuff!

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