Monday, October 31, 2011

bread days 7 and 8

I'm back! And bread's back too.

Bread day 7 was hot! The fig rosemary bread was tops, with rosemary
from Shelley of Brentwood, and home-dried figs from this summer's
farmers market. I ate half a loaf in one go. It was well worth the stomach

And the sourdoughs keep getting taller!

But not as tall as the pile-o-loaves from pre-vacation bread day.

Bread day 8 was easy! It was so nice to be back in my kitchen with all of my
favorite ingredients. I finally got to use my home-dried heirloom tomatoes
from Serendipity and Happy Boy Farms. Check out that air bubble! It's my
biggest yet!

The sourdough was quite eager to rise, and a few of the loaves grew tumors!

There was a small yet mighty pile for the day. The Halloween pumpkin
bread ruled.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

until we meet again!

i'll be out of town until october 29, but please don't worry, there
will be delicious bread when i get back! just dream of these flavors
until i return, for bread day on halloween! feel free to place your
orders now, but i will send out an update in a week or so to remind

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sourdough Rye

It was as tasty as it was beautiful.

Thanks to Jesse Marsh for the photograph!

leftover bread, 4

My family calls it a cock-eyed omlette. What do you call it?

Cut a hole in a generous slice of toasted bread. Heat up and oil a skillet.
Place your toast in the middle and crack an egg into the hole you cut. Let
the white turn opaque if you like your eggs sunny side up. For over easy,
flip the toast and egg to brown the top. Serve with salt and pepper or your
favorite spread.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bread day 6

I'm so darn proud of my sourdough starter. Look at all those air bubbles
it made! This week's sourdough rye was really delicious, and I'm looking
forward to a loaf of the garlic sourdough on Monday.

The gingerbread was also incredible! It's sweet but not sugary, and the
spice stays with you long after your toast is gone. The tomato basil is a
meal in itself, but a little cheese makes it a legitimate dinner. The tomatoes
came from Happy Boy Farms and the basil was from the wonderful

I'm getting faster and faster at baking, and this week the loaves all turned
out like I hoped. Here's to a new year and a lot of bread!


This Week's Flavors!

Hey guys!

This is the last bread day before my trip home, so stock up! The next
bread day will be on Halloween!

Flavors for breads for Monday October 10 are:

Fig Rosemary Bread
Teff Sandwich Bread
Garlic Sourdough

Please place your order by Saturday night. If you'd like your bread
delivered, please provide an address and phone number! Pick up is
Monday between 5 and 9 pm. Delivery can happen as early as 4 pm
and as late as 10 pm.

In other news, the recipes are evolving! I've started using guar gum
in all the breads as of this week. No more strange xanthan gum! As
requested, here is a basic ingredient list for the breads:

Tapioca Starch
Organic White Rice Flour
Organic Brown Rice Flour
Millet Flour
Teff Flour
Guar Gum
Active Dry Yeast (not in the sourdough)
Olive Oil (not in the sourdough)
Organic Agave Nectar (not in the sourdough)

Add-ins change with each loaf, but include herbs and dried spices, dried
fruits and sunflower seeds. If you have any questions about the ingredient
list, please leave a comment with a reply email address!