Monday, October 31, 2011

bread days 7 and 8

I'm back! And bread's back too.

Bread day 7 was hot! The fig rosemary bread was tops, with rosemary
from Shelley of Brentwood, and home-dried figs from this summer's
farmers market. I ate half a loaf in one go. It was well worth the stomach

And the sourdoughs keep getting taller!

But not as tall as the pile-o-loaves from pre-vacation bread day.

Bread day 8 was easy! It was so nice to be back in my kitchen with all of my
favorite ingredients. I finally got to use my home-dried heirloom tomatoes
from Serendipity and Happy Boy Farms. Check out that air bubble! It's my
biggest yet!

The sourdough was quite eager to rise, and a few of the loaves grew tumors!

There was a small yet mighty pile for the day. The Halloween pumpkin
bread ruled.

Happy Halloween!

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