Monday, October 10, 2011

leftover bread, 4

My family calls it a cock-eyed omlette. What do you call it?

Cut a hole in a generous slice of toasted bread. Heat up and oil a skillet.
Place your toast in the middle and crack an egg into the hole you cut. Let
the white turn opaque if you like your eggs sunny side up. For over easy,
flip the toast and egg to brown the top. Serve with salt and pepper or your
favorite spread.


  1. Never had such a con*cock*shun but the concept makes me want to do 2 things - (1) take the bread from the center and burn them a bit then place them as eyelashes, and (2) to try and make an egg-filled breaddoughnut using a roll with a hole poked in it and letting the egg cook as it soaks inside? I would call it a rrollegg.

  2. Hey Sadie! Alex from Long Now / Wood Thumb here.

    My family calls that a dragon's eye!! One of my favorite childhood breakfast-at-dinner-time meals.

    Let me know if you ever want to hang out and cook - looks like you bake some killer bread. Maybe we can hire you to make lunch for the Wood Thumb crew occasionally! mensing (dot) alex (at) gmail
    Either way shoot me an email and I'll let you know next time we have a big dinner at the factory.

  3. Hi Sasha,
    I'm so sorry I was never able to get back to you- I'm vanesa, you called me after my first comment a couple weeks ago. Anyway, I'm still down to buy some bread. Hopefully we'll be in touch soon... Are you taking orders for next bread day??