Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to pick your breads!

Order day is just around the corner, and the oven's been working overtime.
Do you want your own wonderful loaf of gluten free bread? Respond to this
post, or send me an email directly with your order by Sunday at 5pm!

This week's flavors:

Straight up white bread
Caraway ryeless rye
Cinnamon raisin

All loaves will be made on Tuesday the 16th and will be ready for pickup between
5 and 9 pm in Cole Valley. Please let me know what you'd like!

In the meantime, this loaf is getting eaten with some heirloom tomato soup from
last night's farmers market.


  1. hi sadie!! i am unsure of whether or not i missed the info, but where exactly in cole valley can i pick up the bread! id love to place an order, but have to skip this week because i will be out of town on tuesday :( no one to pick the little guy up. but count me in on the following order!!! so! excited!!!