Saturday, August 13, 2011

srs experiments

Last night's loaf was an olive and cheesey experiment, and resulted
in delicious snacking today. (Jesse's waiting anxiously for a hot slice
of it, which he received post-photo!) It looks like the cheese in the
center of the loaf created a big old air pocket, and the loaf is dense and
hearty except for the hollow middle. Now I'm excited about a loaf with
cheese mixed into the dough. Will it create lots of little voids to make
my breads lighter? I'll find out soon!

In the mean time, I have a fast-rise and a slow-rise loaf proofing on the
stovetop, and the fast one's winning. It's a cinnamon raisin made with
apple juice instead of water and sugar. It's already doubled in size in
only 40 minutes. The slow-rise is a caraway ryeless rye. It's looking
pretty mature as far as flavor development goes, and I'm psyched to
try it in the morning!

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