Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bread day 11

Is it 11 already? I've lost count. It was an incredibly productive bread
day with 24 loaves and 7 deliveries. Another yeasty episode of Sadie
takes over the kitchen!

Some of my ideas weren't the smartest...

But with dough up to my elbows, I got those 10 loaves mixed...

I guess I do need that 20-quart mixing bowl after all.

The molasses coriander bread was better behaved. It tastes just like
the fresh dark bread we bought from the Russian bakery in Coney Island.
My sister and I are both rather nuts over this loaf.

The stuffing bread came out with a crusty crust and a soft middle, the kind
you can eat by the fistful, leaving the shell behind. This is how I ate my bread
whenever we'd get a loaf from the Italian bakery in Brooklyn. By the time we
got home I'd massacred the inside of our loaf, leaving the crust for my
disappointed parents.

When I brought this loaf to friends Helen and Faith, Helen yelled, "Don't rip it!
Don't." What self-control.

Happy bread day, and happy Thanksgiving to you.

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