Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pin that bread baby.

Top of the morning to you. Another beautiful, sunny, blue-bird day has greeted us here in San Francisco and we couldn’t be more excited or grateful to share even more Saturday goodness to our fellow bread mongers.

Seeded Sourdough from Bread Srsly.

Vanessa C. here; this week’s Bread Srsly blogger and the newest character in the Bread Srsly show. As a celiac who leads a joyful vegetarian, gluten-free, bike-loving life in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco, am super stoked to be joining Sadie on her crusade to creating, delivering and sharing the gluten-free love by bike for our fellow sensitive foodie.

A love for photography also ribbons through my veins, so I must confess, many a food photo shoots have taken place in Sadie’s comfy, airy living room. With panels of bright, indirect sunlight streaming through, I just can’t help myself with all the beautiful textures and colors! Eek. A little bread porn to tie you over…

Seeded Sourdough from Gluten-Free Bread Srsly.
Vintage coconut gluten-free bread
hoola-hooping GF loaves

Speaking of bread, food, cabin + bike bag porn...

Yup we did it. Bread Srsly is on Pinterest. We’re curating a sweet collection of beautiful images of gluten-free baking, fresh, market-fresh fruits and vegetables, bikes, and a nostalgic ode to life on the farm with our boards. If you haven’t pinned a dang thing or have the DIY mason jar chandelier from Design Sponge in your kitchen with which you will use to light the room to make your own sauerkraut to add to your Caraway Ryeless Rye from this week, ch ch check it out. Plus if you’re looking for an invite to join the pinning party, email us at

If you ordered Hot Cross Buns for pick up today in either Cole Valley or the Mission, see you later tonight. Enjoy!

Bike delivery girl view

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

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