Friday, April 13, 2012

Lightning strikes

Did you catch the crazy light show last night? How could we miss it. Eight, count 'em 8, record breaking bolts of lightening struck the Bay Bridge last night, making our bike delivery lady super stoked that East Bay deliveries yesterday went off without a hitch...pre-storm!

What a beautiful photo from Phil McGrew, the 'amateur' photographer who caught this image with a long exposure and pocketful of patience that stormy night.

Plus, there's more good news coming from the East Bay. Her name is Karen and she is: Crazy Allergy Girl. Karen has been blogging about corn-free, gluten-free life in the Bay Area since 2009 and TODAY shared her thoughts about a recent visit from the GF doctor herself, Ms.Sadie.

Thanks Karen for the write-up and yes, that mozzarella with pesto on the herbed sourdough sounds delish!

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Enjoy this post-storm-cloud sunshine!

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