Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spotlight on shishito peppers

Sweet shishito peppers are here! Find them from Happy Boy Farms 
for a few short weeks. Shishito peppers are often sold green, alongside 
padrons in the summer. Both padrons and shishitos, when green, can be 
sauteed in olive oil with a touch of salt for a snack or appetizer. 

Once matured, both peppers will turn red, but beware of the padrons! 
They pick up a good amount of heat as they grow. While the red shishitos 
look almost identical, they are sugary like a young bell pepper. Try them raw 
in salads, sauteed like their green counterparts, or whole as a snack.

You can find Happy Boy Farms at the following markets:

Castro (Wednesday)
Mission Community Market (Thursday)
North Berkeley (Thursday)
College of San Mateo (Saturday)
Temescal (Sunday)
Ft. Mason (Sunday)
Jack London Square (Sunday)

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