Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spotlight on Fifth Crow Farm

Hello hello!

It's been a bit of a grey weekend, but a bike ride to the farmers market seemed
to do the trick for me! And I'm excited to announce that this Thursday July 19th,
Bread SRSLY will be at its first market! We've been accepted to the Mission 
Community Market, every Thursday from 4-8pm. Please come say hello! (22nd
x Bartlett)

This week I visited Fifth Crow Farm from nearby Pescadero. Fifth Crow has
about 15 acres, growing beautiful organic flowers, vegetables and strawberries. 
The booth always looks inviting, but the produce tops even the presentation in 
flavor. The gem-like baby heads of lettuce and perfect cabbages are worth every
cent and then some. 

This week we'll be baking red beet and rosemary sourdough, and lemon strawberry 
muffins using Fifth Crow produce. Get yours here!

This is Susie, who worked on the farm last year after 7 years in New York City.
Susie's favorite part about Fifth Crow was working with the chickens. In addition 
to a full harvest of vegetables, strawberries, dried heirloom beans and heirloom 
corn, Fifth Crow has 2 flocks of 300 chickens, and sells its eggs for much of the 
year. (These eggs are wildly popular, so get to the stand early!) 

You can find Fifth Crow Farm at the Castro (W 4-8p), Inner Sunset (Sun 9-1p),
and San Mateo Market (Sat 9-1p), or go to one of their open houses in
Pescadero, a mere 45 miles from San Francisco.

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