Monday, July 9, 2012

Spotlight on Dogwood Organic Farm

Hello and happy 5-day work week! I'm feeling rested up post-4th, ready 
for a big week of biking.

This week I talked with Ned from Dogwood Organic Farm in Pescadero, 
CA. Ned, former co-owner of Blue House Organic Farm (see post from 
3 weeks back), now runs Dogwood with his wife, Rachel. 

photo ctsy Dogwood Farm

I first met Ned 2 years ago at the Upper Haight Farmers Market, and have 
been looking for him for a while. It was a treat to stumble upon him and his 
produce this week at the Yerba Buena Farmers Market while out on deliveries. 

I got to ask a few questions before making off with Ned's entire harvest of fresh 
sage, and here's what I found out:

"We're actually farming the same land as Blue House, and because of that, I 
really know what grows best in this site. We've really focused on the crops that
do best here: greens, lettuce, herbs, berries, flowers, etc. You can never really 
know too much about a place.

Being with the person I love and creating a life and business together is so fun 
and rewarding. We're very compatible and yet have our own focused areas. I 
mainly appreciate the continual connection around the things we love: food, 
nature, good work, family, humor."

Ned's favorite season (and one of mine) is late summer/early fall, when dry-
farmed early girls come on and the days are warm with no fog. We'll be back to 
Dogwood then to scoop up those sugary tomatoes to dry for winter breads!

You can find Dogwood Organic Farm at the Yerba Buena Market at 4th and
Market from 1-6 on Tuesdays, or in Hayward on Saturdays.

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