Thursday, December 1, 2011

East Bay Bread Day!

Hi guys!

It's finally time for an East Bay Bread Day, Friday December 9th!

Flavors will be the same as SF bread day,

Smoked Paprika Bread
Dried Tomato Sourdough, with organic early girls from Happy Boy farm
Cinnamon Raisin, with raisins grown and dried by family friend Zabriel

Please order by Wednesday night, December 7th. Since I don't know the terrain
and I deliver by bike, I may need your assistance with directions, and I may need
to meet you at a train station. But don't worry, I'll learn quickly!

To order, send an email to sadiesosha at gmail dot com. Include your order, address,
nearest BART stop and contact phone number please!

And spread the word!


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