Friday, September 14, 2012

Spotlight on Pluots

The weather in San Francisco has been getting me down this past month, but I'm so pleased and excited to be getting some sun! Our undernourished plants are starting to put out new leaves, there's fresh pavement and bike lanes all over the city, and pluots, the perfect bike-sized snack, are at the market!

Pluots, you say? Not plumcots, not apriums, but pluots, a plum crossed with an apricot, and then crossed again as a second generation. Pluots are brightly colored, crunchy and sweet. 

While there are many varieties, I can never remember if my favorite is the flavor delight, flavor fall, flavor finale, flavor grenade, flavor heart, flavor jewel, flavor king, flavor prince, flavor penguin (!), flavor queen, flavor rich, flavor royal, or flavor supreme. So I usually just get one of each!

You can find many of these varieties of pluots from Twin Girls Farm or K & J Orchards, at the Ferry Building Tuesday and Saturday, and at the Mission Mercado Thursday, or from Kashiwase Farms at Ft. Mason or Inner Sunset Sundays, 4th and Market Tuesdays, and the Upper Haight Wednesdays.

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