Monday, August 6, 2012

Spotlight on Happy Boy and Yerena Farms

These past two weeks we've been spending some extra time talking to people 
from Happy Boy and Yerena Farms at our new digs, the Mission Community 

Happy Boy has long been one of my favorites from my days working in Fort 
Mason. Their produce is not only delicious, but beautiful, owing in no small 
part to the amazing market staff. Taking up a quadruple booth, Happy Boy 
Farms is one of the first to the market, setting up 2 hours early to make sure 
their display is top notch. Signs, made by designer and marketeer Tent Gillette
depict smiling tomatoes and dancing summer squash, complete with recipes. 

Check out their booth Wednesdays at Market x 16th (4-8p), Thursdays at 
Crocker Galleria (10-2), 21st x Bartlett (4-8p) and North Berkeley, 
Saturdays in Noe Valley and Grand Lake, and Sundays at Ft. Mason and 
Temescal. For a complete list of markets, visit their website.

Yerena Farms is becoming a new favorite. On 22 acres in Royal Oaks,
CA, Yerena Farms grows certified organic strawberries, raspberries,
blackberries, tayberries, yacon, cactus pears and summer squash. We
picked up a flat of raspberries and blackberries for this week's muffins,
and can't wait to bake them! The berries are exquisitely sweet, keep well
refrigerated, make an excellent jam, and turn muffins into muffin pies.

The folks at the Yerena market stands also work at the farm, so be ready
with a joke or something to lighten their afternoon! Find Yerena Tuesdays
and Saturdays at the Ferry Building, Wednesdays and Sundays at Civic
Center, and Thursdays at the Mission Community Market.

Here's a recipe for my favorite cold-weather summer snack:

Padron Pepper Poppers

1 basket padron or shishito peppers from Happy Boy Farms
1-2 T olive oil from O'Live Healthy
pinch of salt

In a hot skillet, add a generous amount of olive oil, and toss in rinsed peppers.
Sprinkle with salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

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