Thursday, July 28, 2011

hello world, have some bread!

This blog is about how serious I am about baking good bread. That is,
good gluten-free bread. I'll be posting photos and recipes and details
about how you can get in on the CSB (community supported bread)

I'm getting all geared up for my first bulk batch of bread. I've got a new
sourdough starter fermenting near the window. This one smells really
sour after only 2 days! I'm hoping for some character with these puppies.

Breads will be baked on Tuesdays in Cole Valley, except for the first
Tuesday of the month. That's 3 times a month (4 in a good month) for
your enjoyment. The sign-up for loaves will be posted later this week, and
baking will begin on August 16. But here's a preview of what's to come:

Until then, the bread's a risin'!

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